The immigration issue has divided this country. But one of the central causes of the problem has been overlooked.

It is often said that immigrants do jobs that Americans don't want to do... but the real question is: were and are there Americans available to do those jobs at all?

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What is the Truth in Immigration Project?

The Truth in Immigration Project is an attempt to address an important part of the immigration issue which has been largely ignored, at least by our media and political leaders. The United States needs labor for our economy, and our immigration system has not allowed for people to immigrate legally to meet those needs. This is obvious to most people in the immigrant community, but is not so outside that community, even among those sympathetic to immigrants.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Truth in Immigration Project is to research our labor needs in the U.S., past, present, and future. This information should be largely available through the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other studies. And equally important, to research how our immigration system works, and how it accommodates, or fails to accommodate, our labor needs.

The goal of the Truth in Immigration Project is to make this information available, so the average person can easily read and understand it. By making that knowledge available to people, we will hopefully affect the national discussion of the immigration issue. The objective is to change people’s attitudes toward immigrants, and force the conversation about this issue to consider our labor needs.

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Get Involved

If you are interested in the immigration topic and would like to collaborate, with your knowledge or your time, to conduct research, please get involved. We accept volunteers regardless of skill level.