To reach our goal of making knowledge about the immigration issue more easily understandable and available to people, we are focused in gathering information to answer the following questions: 


Question 1

What is the real rate of unemployment in the United States? Who is working and who is not?


Question 2

Are there enough people available in the United States to fill all the jobs that need to be filled?


Question 3

Will encouraging people to go into blue collar jobs vs. going to college to pursue white collar jobs, resolve our labor needs?


Question 4

Will cutting social programs, which some people take advantage of, make available the labor that is needed to fill our jobs?


Question 5

Are undocumented immigrants eligible for social benefits?


Question 6

Do undocumented immigrants take jobs away from American citizens?


Question 7

Do undocumented immigrants undercut the wages of American citizens?


Question 8

How does our immigration system work? What are the quotas for other countries? How many people do we allow in the United States every year and how are those decisions made?


Question 9

What is the history of our immigration system in regards to labor in the United States?